Black – obsessive, beautiful, deep and addictive. The magic of this color has been evident for centuries, but the unique, spatial black in the interior is in our imagination relatively recently. Are you looking for a radical change to accentuate your wildness? Yes. Black is for you! Not only as a polite addition, which will consume a look towards the sofa, lamp or table … I want to show you black as a whole, as inspiration, as a kind of licentiousness!

Black will work best, of course, with large windows and large rooms, because the black color absorbs light, does not reflect it, so the excess of black causes everything to optically approach us. The interiors in black seem to be tighter and smaller than in reality. But do not be afraid to use this color exactly where you want it. Where you feel this amazing color!

Black living room

large black space in an open apartment

A modern living room in black

black color in a large, beautiful interior

amazing black apartment

living room with black walls

cabinet for working with dark paneling on the walls

dining room / living room in black

black living room with black furniture and accessories

black living room with brighter accessories

whole black living room with a lighter floor

dark interior covered with black wood on the walls

dark living room with a lighter accent on the floor

Black kitchen

Black modern kitchen with a stone top on the island

black kitchen furniture and accessories

Black bathroom

black bathroom with a wooden bathtub

modernity and romanticism in one

classic bathroom in black

black modern bathroom

Black bedroom

original black, like night, a place to sleep

black bedroom with several lighter details

Black public place

original black public interior - restaurant