Natural light plays a very important role in our interiors, because it has a huge impact on our bodies. It makes us feel good and we are more optimistic. The sun has a definitely positive effect directly on our brain and nervous system. Under the influence of the sun, the susceptibility to depression is significantly reduced. In addition, under its influence, we relax more quickly and we cope better with stress. The sun also regulates appetite, sleep, has a beneficial effect on our skin, bones, metabolism and fertility.

Of course, it is best to be outside the apartment, to enjoy of all these benefits, at least the balcony or terrace. In the apartment, however, the ideal would be large windows that let in the largest possible amount of light. When the sun is operating too much, you can always cover the windows in many ways.
Yes, I am definitely a supporter of very large windows in the interiors, and even entire glazed walls that give us the opportunity to enjoy the sunny light and pleasant view outside.

large windows in the interior

glass walls in the interior

illuminated interior

wnętrze pełne słońca, nieba i wody

beautiful views through large windows

natural light in the interior

interior closer to nature

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