What makes your home alive?
Natural light … the beloved sun in the day and the light created by us – the wonderful light of the lamps at night.
Choose lamps for your rooms that best reflect your decorative mood, aesthetic sense and … need.
Personally, I am an eclectic. I like various designs and technical solutions.
In some interiors, single light sources, more or less visible, will work. In others, however, the group of lamps with a different character looks great. In such a set, there may be, for example, several lamps with a distinctly different appearance and color. It depends on us what we want to mark, show and how.
The colors and textures of all surfaces look different in daylight, and different when they are illuminated by the lamp’s light. The biggest differences can be seen in spot lighting, which can also be combined into groups. Lamps of various appearance also create additional lighting and color effects. Chandeliers, plafonds, sconces, hanging lamps for various purposes, small spot lights, luminous decorations, strips and LED strips covering objects and walls or embedded in the ceiling … there is a lot of arrangement options.
The best idea for me is to combine different styles to get new, surprising visual effects.
So let’s use the imagination and the possibilities of contrasts.

interior lighting

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