Black in the interior

Black – obsessive, beautiful, deep and addictive. The magic of this color has been evident for centuries, but the unique, spatial black in the interior is in our imagination relatively recently. Are you looking for a radical change to accentuate your wildness? Yes. Black is for you! Not only as a polite addition, which will consume a look towards the sofa, lamp or table … I want to show you black as a whole, as inspiration, as a kind of licentiousness!

Black will work best, of course, with large windows and large rooms, because the black color absorbs light, does not reflect it, so the excess of black causes everything to optically approach us. The interiors in black seem to be tighter and smaller than in reality. But do not be afraid to use this color exactly where you want it. Where you feel this amazing color!

Black living room

large black space in an open apartment

A modern living room in black

black color in a large, beautiful interior

amazing black apartment

living room with black walls

cabinet for working with dark paneling on the walls

dining room / living room in black

black living room with black furniture and accessories

black living room with brighter accessories

whole black living room with a lighter floor

dark interior covered with black wood on the walls

dark living room with a lighter accent on the floor

Black kitchen

Black modern kitchen with a stone top on the island

black kitchen furniture and accessories

Black bathroom

black bathroom with a wooden bathtub

modernity and romanticism in one

classic bathroom in black

black modern bathroom

Black bedroom

original black, like night, a place to sleep

black bedroom with several lighter details

Black public place

original black public interior - restaurant


Are you looking for unique, original decorations for your home? Or maybe you are looking for a great gift?
You are in a very good place!

The original decorative pillow with a fluffy teddy bear.
Size: 54 x 54 cm.
The size of the teddy bear: 33 cm.
Inner pillow: cotton, filling: duck feathers (size: 50 x 50 cm). Color: creamy.
Cushion cover made of shiny fabric with delicate floral motifs in ecru, violet, gold and silver. The pillowcase has a very nice to the touch plush bear with ecru bow. Teddy bears can be detached.
The outer stitches of the covers are trimmed with a decorative tape with ecru pompons.

The pillowcase is handmade product. It is also available for sale separately.

original decorative pillow with a fluffy teddy bear

Teddy bear

shiny fabric with delicate floral motifs in ecru, violet, gold and silver

decorative tape with ecru pompons

fluffy teddy bear


Delicate, luxurious pillow with white cultured pearls.
Size: 53 x 53 cm.
Inner pillow: cotton, filling: duck feathers (size: 50 x 50 cm). Color: creamy.
The pillowcase is closed on the overlap, a decorative on both sides, with two “buttons” – pearls. Made of a fabric with delicate floral motifs, in ecru and silver. On the pillowcase are sewn with pearls of two different sizes. The outer stitches of the covers are sewn on both sides with a decorative tape with ecru fringes.

The pillowcase is handmade product. It is also available for sale separately.

Pictures taken in the Castle Park Moszna.

Big windows

Natural light plays a very important role in our interiors, because it has a huge impact on our bodies. It makes us feel good and we are more optimistic. The sun has a definitely positive effect directly on our brain and nervous system. Under the influence of the sun, the susceptibility to depression is significantly reduced. In addition, under its influence, we relax more quickly and we cope better with stress. The sun also regulates appetite, sleep, has a beneficial effect on our skin, bones, metabolism and fertility.

Of course, it is best to be outside the apartment, to enjoy of all these benefits, at least the balcony or terrace. In the apartment, however, the ideal would be large windows that let in the largest possible amount of light. When the sun is operating too much, you can always cover the windows in many ways.
Yes, I am definitely a supporter of very large windows in the interiors, and even entire glazed walls that give us the opportunity to enjoy the sunny light and pleasant view outside.

large windows in the interior

glass walls in the interior

illuminated interior

wnętrze pełne słońca, nieba i wody

beautiful views through large windows

natural light in the interior

interior closer to nature

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Controversial yellow

Why is yellow color so much controversial and … monochrome?
It is used everywhere with very high caution, most often in combination with white or gray. Fact … in such sets is always polite and safe.
But it is also … boring.
It’s a pity. Sometimes it is enough to add only one color or two so that our interior begins to pulse with life, intrigue and enjoy the senses. Contrary to appearances – all colors match the yellow color, from cool blue and green shades through hot oranges, reds, purples and roses.
I think it’s worth trying to experiment!

Yellow in interiors

interior decorator

interior design

color in your house

modern interior

beautiful interior

modern style

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Sweet, luxury decorative pillow with natural decorations.
Size: 53 x 54 cm.
Inner pillow: cotton, filling: duck feathers.
Double-layer pillowcase, decorative on two sides: inner layer – black, synthetic fabric; outer – openwork with floral motifs in a pink color. The whole is complemented by natural decorations: turquoise and hematite beads.
The pillowcase is handmade product. It is also available for sale separately.

sweet decoration


The colorful, soft pillow that will improve your mood.
Size: 54 x 54 cm.
The pillowcase is closed on the overlap, a decorative on both sides; made of very soft plush material with long hair in shades of purple and green. Decorative ribbons in the same colors are sewn into the fabric.
The pillowcase is handmade product. It is also available for sale separately.

soft decorative pillow


Glossy decorative pillow / your home in the new version.
Inner pillow: cotton, filling: duck feathers
The pillowcase overlay is made of a fabric on which there are thickly sewn sequins in red. The corners of the pillowcase are trimmed with natural white coral. The tab is “tied” red bows with decorative beads.
The pillowcase is handmade product. It is also available for sale separately.

Unique pillows for your interior


What makes your home alive?
Natural light … the beloved sun in the day and the light created by us – the wonderful light of the lamps at night.
Choose lamps for your rooms that best reflect your decorative mood, aesthetic sense and … need.
Personally, I am an eclectic. I like various designs and technical solutions.
In some interiors, single light sources, more or less visible, will work. In others, however, the group of lamps with a different character looks great. In such a set, there may be, for example, several lamps with a distinctly different appearance and color. It depends on us what we want to mark, show and how.
The colors and textures of all surfaces look different in daylight, and different when they are illuminated by the lamp’s light. The biggest differences can be seen in spot lighting, which can also be combined into groups. Lamps of various appearance also create additional lighting and color effects. Chandeliers, plafonds, sconces, hanging lamps for various purposes, small spot lights, luminous decorations, strips and LED strips covering objects and walls or embedded in the ceiling … there is a lot of arrangement options.
The best idea for me is to combine different styles to get new, surprising visual effects.
So let’s use the imagination and the possibilities of contrasts.

interior lighting

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Luxury without color

Exclusive interior arrangements remain invariably devoid of vivid colors.
White, black, gray, beige and brown, gold and silver dominate. If a color appears, it is mostly faded, subdued. It looks as if the nobility of the natural materials used to finish the interior so overwhelming that the color that gives joy and vitality no longer fits there. He is too bold and frisky.
So … the color becomes a luxury.
The color is sophisticated. Color triggers our imagination, wakes up new shapes and creates new connections.
The color is not safe. You need to skillfully arrange it, teach it to coexist with our senses.
You must learn to enjoy it.

luxurious interiors

interior without color

glamor and splendor

arrangement of your interior

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